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Амортизатор передний 2.0" Emulsion

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Амортизатор передний 2.0" Emulsion

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980-02-604-A Амортизатор передний FOX 2.0" Emulsion


Fox Emulsion Shocks are best suited for light duty applications. It is very important to keep the shock mounted as close to vertical as you can. There is no IFP to keep the oil separated from the high pressure nitrogen, and you can run into performance problems in extreme off camber situations. For a street driven application they are more than enough, but in off road conditions that subject the shocks to excessive heat from use, a reservoired shock is recommended. A 7/8" shaft will help give more resistance to compression and act more like an air spring than the 5/8" shaft, but is heavier and more expensive.
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Дополнительная информация

Номер запчасти 980-02-604-A, Land Rover 9 80-0 2-6 04-A
альтернативный номер FOX-980-02-604-A, FOX-9 80-0 2-6 04-A
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  7. 4.0 бензин V8 EFI
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Поставщик Bearmach
Производитель Fox Racing ™
Страна производитель Великобритания
Гарантия магазина 6 месяцев
Состояние новый
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